ELLIPSIS: Creating Anticipation through Conversation


People anticipate because of desires, fears, worry, and joy. The endless anticipation everyone shares is between people and… people. Everyone has experienced the separation with a friend or loved one. ELLIPSIS unfolds the story of friendship and captures the beauty of anticipation in human relationships.

Friends are bonded through experiencing moments of life together. Distance and time forces friends to live life apart which initiates curiosity,”I wonder how he is doing?” “Did she ever become a doctor like she always wanted?” “Is he still dating that girl?”

ELLIPSIS harnesses curiosity into anticipation. Every friendship is made up of moments. These moments relay back and forth through conversation starting with a single page that turns into a collection of joys and struggles. As friends write to each other, the conversation builds, as these letters are stacked upon one another.

Anticipation writes this very narrative that composes the story of friendship.

Distance and time forces friends to live life apart.


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