Chime: The Essence of an Iconic Design Company






























Chime was done at my internship with GK Design International, a branch of GK Design Group, the largest design consultancy of Japan and a company that I have taken inspiration from since studying industrial design. Kenji Ekuan’s book, The Aesthetics of the Japanese Lunchbox was my first taste of what the company meant to Japan and it’s place in the world. From the beautiful Kikkoman Bottle, to dynamic Yamaha motorcycles, GK Design Group has a vast portfolio that amazed me, and to show my appreciation, I worked harder than I ever possibly could to create a beautifully crafted sculpture that would feel precious and give a distinct pitch when the chime is activated.

I want to thank Norman Kerechuk, Taro Kaneko, and the rest of GK Design International; I am truly appreciative that my first professional experience working in this field I love so much was working with you. I also want to thank Suvan, a dear friend of mine who I met through getting the Chime manufactured.

Chime is now available directly from GKDI here.

As Featured on DesignIdeas.